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fbrnorcal's Journal

FBR Norcal Street Team
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Northern California FBR Street Team
Welcome to the Northern California Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance Street Team Livejournal Community!

To stay in the loop about all things FBR in Northern California, as well as FBR happenings in general, please follow these simple steps:

1)Join us on myspace at groups.myspace.com/fbrnorcal
2)Email fbrnorcal@gmail.com with
-myspace URL
-LJ username (if applicable)
3)Join us here in this livejournal community
4)stay tuned for more info!

This community will be used to keep in contact with other street team members in the area as well as post promotional information regarding any of the bands on the label.
Feel free to post materials to be used by others to do promo as well as ideas for promotion.
If you do any promoting, make sure to take pictures and post them here for us to see what you're up to. (under an lj cut of course)